top Best earphones under 1000


दोस्तों आज मैं आपको best earphones के बारे में बताने वाला हूँ जो आपको 500 रूपए से 1000 रूपए की Price Range पर मिल जाते हैं और ये सभी आपको Best value for money provide करते हैं तो चलिए जानते हैं top earphones के बारे में जिन्हें आपको 2020 में जरुर Try करना चाहिए |

ये सभी Earphones आपको Amazon और Flipkart दोनों पे ही मिल जाते हैं,हालांकि दोनों Platform आपको Price में थोडा बहुत Diffrent देखने को मिल जाता हैं तो आप दोनों पर Price compare करके ही इनको Buy करे |

top Best earphones under 1000

1.Portronix harmonics 222 bluetooth headphone with mic

best earphones under 1000

Features of this earphones

  • With Mic:Yes
  • Bluetooth version: 5.0
  • Wireless range: 10 m
  • Charging time: 2

Pros :-
Music quality is good.
Earbuds which doesn’t allow outside sound even when no music is turned on.
Build Quality is good keeping the price in to consideration.
Under 800rs can’t expect more Battery Backup is estimated in between 7 to 9 hours as mentioned on the papers.

If u looking for a Bluetooth earphones to watch more of videos rather than music, this is not a perfect one for you.
Reason :- Sudden Disturbance on the audio for 1to2secs while watching the videos can expect the lag every often frequently and the sound irritates but only MP3 works perfectly.

2. JBL C150SI Wired Headset with Mic

Features of this earphones

  • With Mic:Yes
  • Connector type: 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Powerful drivers deliver thumping bass
  • JBL Signature Sound
  • Quick Launch Access to Google Assistant / Siri

Pros :
1 small drivers and anuggly fit in the ears
2 very powerful bass and great mids
3 has inbuilt mic and button
4 good noise cancellation

1 cable is tad short
2 Highs are bit underwhelming
3 not very reccomendable for outdoor use

Best earphones under 1000

3. Intex Jogger B Bluetooth Headset with Mic

Features of this earphones

  • With Mic:Yes
  • Bluetooth version: 3.0
  • Battery life: 4 hr | Charging time: 3 hr
  • Extra bass: Add extra thump to your music

Plus Point –
1. Different Connectivity Options like Bluetooth, AUX, SD Card.
2. Display Screen
3. Made of Ultra Light & Flexible Material.
4. Mic is Available for Phones Call.
5. Foldable, so you can keep it in your day to day bag.
6. Sound Quality is too High.
7. Battery Backup – Am using it from last two days (Got the Product on 7th April 2018). Let it be a month then i’ll update the exact Backup Time with a Single Charge.

Minus Point –
1. FM is Missing

4. Sony 310AP Wired Headset with Mic

Features of this earphones

  • With Mic:Yes
  • Connector type: 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Foldable/ Collapsible: Designed for people always on the move, easy storage and easy to carry
  • One button universal remote allows you to answer and manage your calls effortlessly
  • well-balanced sound: hear your music as the artist intended

1)great speaker quality
2)good bass
3)the side straps are adjustable to a great limit
4)great inbuilt mic with a receiving button………workable in all android smartphones
5)foldable….makes it highly portable

1)headstrap loosen up after a long use
2)no extra headstrap cushion for a softenning experience
3)after a long hour use, ears become sweaty
4)the inbuilt mic of the headphone was not compatible for laptops

5. Motorola HP-BT-Moto-Escape 200 with Google Assistant Bluetooth Headset with Mic

Features of this earphones

  • Bluetooth headphone
  • inbuilt mic
  • 1 year warrenty
  • over the ear headphone

Pros and Cons

The device is classy and elegant for the price. But it feel like cheap plastic. Like so brittle it may crack. Folding is like a marketing gimmic. If you try folding it, it like breaking it. so if you are a traveller don’t recommend this.

Sound quality is Ok for the price but sound is very low. I am using a Equalizer app on Android still using in full volume. Compared to boat where i just use half or even less volume. Bass is also low nothing like boat but it’s ok

It is comfortable, cushions are bit hard not so soft . So a medium to a comfort. I use it for 2 hours without any problem.

This is good feature of headphone. It have like 9 hours of back up.

6. Ant Audio W56 Metal Wired Headset with Mic

Features of this earphones

  • With Mic:Yes
  • Connector type: 3.5 MM
  • Flatwire: Stays tangle free even in your pocket

1. Built quality
Very solid built quality indeed. Use of Metal is very precise so that its doesn’t weight much that could make earphones uncomfortable.
2 . Bass
Definitely loving the bass in these pair .(I have used Mi in ear pro, Jbl cs100si , Sennheiser cx180 , 213 , Basshead 225 etc ) . Bass is present every where it is present .
3. Treble
Treble is also very good in these . Although i am not a fan of treble it make ear hurt.
4. Mic
Mic is Present and is Average nothing extraordinary . Mostly like every other in this price range. So dont worry about it.
I have not played Yet but its surround sound is good so im pubg you will not face any problem in listening enemy’s footsteps. thats a good earphones under 1000 rupees .

Cons :-
1. FIT
They are Fine for the most part but can be improved .. there is always room for improvement😁. The problem is with earbuds that can be switched with another .. I have switched it with my previous earphone’s buds(mi).
2. Vocals
Mids/vocals can be improved.. they are fine for most part but For a user like me They are a little distorted at high volume

7. Flipkart SmartBuy 18LY62BK Bluetooth Headset with Mic

best earphones under 1000

Features of this earphones

  • With Mic:Yes
  • Connector type: No
  • Bluetooth version: 5
  • Charging time: 1.5 hrs

pros –
1. The build quality is ausom (8.5/10)
2. Overall sound quality is Immserive (9/10))
3.Bass is good then I expected (thanks to 40mm drivers) (10/8)
4.Battery backup is extremely good. It can easily give you 4/4.5 days backup even with heavy use (wired is a + point) (10/10) .
5.It covers your your whole 👂(truly over the ear)
6.Cusion quality is nice and because of this you can wear this for long time without any pain. (9/10)
7.Overall I rate it (8.5/10) .
8.Bluetooth connection is strong. (9/10).
9.Mic quality is extremely good.(9.5/10)

cons –
1.When listen to wired sound quality and the base is highly tremendous. but with Bluetooth it is not that great.
2.The charging cable privided with the box is too small less than 15 cm.
3.Try not to fold it as it is completely made from plastic and can be broken if more force is applied in long terms.
That’s it hope you guys like it .

8. Leaf Ear Bass Bluetooth Headset with Mic

earphones under 1000

Pros and cons –

  • Good quality headphones
  • superb sound clarity and extra bass
  • Build quality could have been better as it can break easily so be careful
  • Ears are covered completely with soft material and it seems durable and comfortable for long use
  • When adjusting the size be careful not to pull too hard as the risk of breaking or getting it loose
  • this is one of the best earphones under 1000 rupees

9 . 1More Piston Fit Earphones with MIC Wired Headset with Mic

earphones under 1000


it’s a stylish earphone.
it’s front tube adopts 45° in ear style ensuring comfortable music and long wearing experience to the lisners. In the box you can have different ear tips for different ear size. Plug it accordingly to your fit.
lightweight, with metal diaphragm. so sure great music will come out.
it has mic. single button control allows you to reject calls/answering/ pause or play music functions.
it can easily connect to your smartphone, iPod and iPad. support 3.5mm
anti scratch earphone, leaves no fingerprints making your earphone brand new, clean and beautiful always.
earphone cable is durable and skin friendly. so yeah can listen music anytime.
Truly an all-rounder. durable cable, 3.5mm jack, perfect fit for your ear canal. This earphone will definitely last long.

cons –

  • The wire is not so good
  • only thats con

दोस्तों यह सभी Earphones 1000 रूपए की Price के नीचे आते हैं और आप इन सभी में से किसी भी Earphone को Buy कर सकते हैं और आपको यह Flipkart और Amazon दोनों पर ही देखने को मिल जाते हैं |

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